Nancy Steedle


First, let me say that if you are reading this, I am very grateful.  Grateful that you are checking out my website, and hopefully that you have read, and enjoyed, at least one of my books.

Although I tried my hand at writing as a child, it wasn't until about thirty years ago that I began writing seriously. I love writing and am still awed by the fact that people read and enjoy what I write, and some of them are eagerly awaiting the next book in the Donovan Burke series.  It truly amazes me.

So,  a little bit about me and my writing schedule.

I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  I still consider myself a Pittsburgher, even after being away from the 'Burgh' for so long.  I am a huge Steeler fan (please don't hold that against me, if you are not) and even named our dog, Rooney, after the Rooney family.  

I never expected to like living in the Midwest, but after living in Des Moines (the setting for most of my books) for about six years, I came to love it. We lived there for 18 years, but unfortunately,  my husband was transferred to Sioux Falls in 1995.  When he came home and told me we were moving to Sioux Falls, SD, I was sure we would be living in the middle of nowhere--amazingly, we are not!  We originally planned that once he retired, we would go back to Des Moines. Well, he has been retired about 18 years now, and we are not planning to go anywhere. We love living in Sioux Falls.  I am involved with my church, and about six years ago, although I was not looking for a permanent job at the time, accepted a part-time position that I love.  I work four, four-hour days a week and plan to keep on doing that until I am no longer able.  However, it does interfere with my writing schedule.

I try to write and/or do some writing related project during the late afternoon hours or on weekends, and summer is better since my husband enjoys watching baseball on TV, and I do not, giving me time to write and not feel guilty about ignoring him.  Since I have Mondays off work, I write then, but I do tend to let household chores interfere sometimes, so please, be patient if you are waiting for the next book in either of my series. When I am not working, I usually write from about 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. four days a week.

People often ask me where I get my inspiration, and I honestly do not know.  I usually come up with a first chapter or a prologue and just go from there.  I just recently published my fourth book,  Threads of Reality, a collection of short stories that I am very excited about, and am currently working on  Holiday Slay, the third novel in the Donovan Burke police procedural series.  Gingerdead, the second novel in the Shelby Drake Private Investigator series is about half done,  but to be honest, I haven't worked on it for a couple years.  If I can manage to get Holiday Slay done during 2018, I will then work diligently to finish Gingerdead.  But the way, I love the title Gingerdead, and can thank my friend and fellow writer, Lance Zarimba, for it.  He is a very talented guy.

I hope you enjoy my updated website.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.  I love to hear from my readers.

with much appreciation,