Nancy Steedle


Excellent story.  

Did not guess who the killer was but once you knew there was still a surprise ending.  I felt like I knew the main characters and really did not want the story to end the way it did for detective Donovan Burke.  Format:  Kindle Edition/Verified Purchase


Entertaining and Well Written.  

          This serial murder story takes place in Iowa. Donovan Burke is called upon to find the killer of a female who has also suffered the indignity of a head shaving. As Burke (and his partner) M.J. begin to investigate the death, some strange items of evidence come to light. Soon thereafter, a second victim is found, killed by the same MO, and shorn like the 1st.
          Burke does not care much for his partner, who is a gum chewing eager beaver who gets on his nerves constantly. Watching their relationship unfold during this investigation is a whole story in itself.
          Burke is married, and has a young toddler son who he loves to spend time with. It is too bad that the requirements of his job keep him from enjoying his family as much as he would like. His wife is good natured and long suffering about the situation, but how long can this relationship last?
          The author of this story can really describe scenes, relationships and conversations. She is very good at dialogue, and held my attention for the whole book. Two thumbs up for Nancy Steedle!    Format:  KIndle Edition/Verified Purchase

Good story set in a familiar location, Des Moines!

I like Donovan Burke. He's a believable cop character. The supporting cast work well too.
These could be cops in any setting, but I like the way Nancy has set them in Des Moines and makes it work.


A well written mystery with some great characters and many twists. I hope to find more Donovan Burke books in future.

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